Security Solutions Our advanced Access, DVR , IP and uniquely self-powered and self-signaling security systems provide economical solutions (when compared to traditional security offerings) custom designed for your home, business or job-site security needs. The unique job-site solutions do not require any electrical or telephone service available at the job-site; its design is intended to be more than a deterrent ― they have a proven track record as an aid in effectively apprehending criminals in the act of thievery and destruction.

Computer Intelligence LLC is based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Its products and services include digital video recording and self-powered and self-signaling security solutions, Easy Grades (teachers' grade and attendance software), Finke French horns and related musical products, CD recording and mastering, consulting, software engineering (programming), tutoring and web creation.

Easy Grades A comprehensive classroom administrative tool for teachers integrating gradebook, attendance, student reports, dropping and adding students, teacher-parent counseling, email of student reports to parents and more. Easy Grades was developed in direct cooperation with teachers to be simple to use and is a proven aid to improved student performance. Easy Grades works with all systems using Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 2000 or higher.

CD Mastering We record and master musicians' audition CDs and concert CDs within the bounds of copyright laws and ASCAP royalty rules. Generally this means that CDs are commissioned for the private use of performing ensembles and to meet the student application requirements for university and conservatory admissions or professional performance and teaching careers. These CDs cannot be marketed commercially unless appropriate royalty agreements are in place.

Software Services We offer consulting, software engineering, tutoring and web engineering services on Microsoft platforms.